Pacific Education Advocacy Research & Learning Institute of New York

Individual, Family, and Community Services

P.E.A.R.L. Institute advocates on behalf of individuals, families and communities in or from the Pacific Rim region. The institute provides access to multi-disciplinary and culturally competent bilingual professionals in mental health and alternative holistic services. The service providers at P.E.A.R.L. Institute are mindful of the unique cross-cultural needs of our clients, and incorporate Eastern philosophy and methodologies such as mindfulness practice and a body-mind-spirit model into direct services. The institute is committed to applying innovative, evidence-based, best practice models to serve the needs of our clients effectively, and to promote their personal growth and holistic well-being.

While our individual, family and community services are still under development, individuals and groups are welcomed to contact the institute to inquire about our unique service provision

Chinese Student Service Center Initiative

It is our hope that a future Chinese Student Service Center be established on a national basis to:

  • Establish and maintain a 24/7 "crises hotline" that Chinese students can call at any time of the day
  • Develop and disseminate a nationwide counseling and mental health "Bilingual Services Directory" for referral services
  • Work with foreign student advisors and counselors on campus, and make bilingual service information available to all Chinese students through the Bilingual Service Directory and referral services
  • Encourage the inter-mediatory agency to provide continued referral services to these students
  • Work with the education minister of the embassy and various consulate to monitor the inter-mediatory agency to extend their referral services, and through the network of student associations within each of the schools
  • Help parents and guardians to recognize the mental health service need of students and encourage them to seek professional help. Many families exhibit less psychological separation between children and parents than their Western counterparts. Children are expected to fulfill parental expectations, which can be extraordinarly burdensome, and could be devasting when the children are unable to meet these expectations due to a mismatch in either interests or abilties.

Community Outreach

P.E.A.R.L. Institute promotes and supports culturally competent human service training through community outreach projects for corporations and non-profit organizations such as schools and universities, hospitals and other community-based settings. The institute offers consultancy to human service professionals and organizations, including but not limited to, individual and social identity development, family dynamics, cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, personal and leadership styles, program management and evaluation, and other issues related to personal growth and holistic well-being enhancement.

Organizations are welcomed to contact the institute to inquire about the development of culturally competent human service training to meet your specific needs.

International Collaboration

P.E.A.R.L. Institute will collaborate initially with organizations in Asian-Pacific countries to develop original training material that is specific to the population's needs. This could include combining and integrating western social work practice (theory and methodology) with eastern approaches, such as mindfulness practice and yoga, Yin-Yang theory, Chinese medicine (herbal medicine and accupunture), Qi Gong (wellness practice excercises), and other Eastern transendental healing practices.

This collaboration could occur at universities, hospitals, training institutes, corporations, conferences, or with groups of experts. The focus of collaboration can range from direct practice to general policy, from local communities to governmental programs.

Universities and organizations are welcomed to contact the institute to inquire about the development of collaborative training projects.