Pacific Education Advocacy Research & Learning Institute of New York

Joint Degree Programs

P.E.A.R.L. Institute will collaborate with universities in the United States, Taiwan and China, arranges for joint bachelor's degree (BSW), master's degree (MSW) and Ph.D degree programs in social work. Degrees will be awarded by the partner universities.

Applicants accepted to the BSW joint degree program will complete two years of college in their native country. Applicants accepted to the MSW joint degree program will complete one year of master's level study in their native country. BSW and MSW students could matriculate to a joint degree social work program to complete the remaining requirements leading to a BSW or MSW degree. In addition to the regular coursework, academic guidance and social support will be provided to international students.

Applicants accepted to the joint Ph.D. degree program will complete provisional intensive cousrsework in their native country by an international group of faculty members. They also will attend international symposiums overseas designed to meet requirements for a joint Ph.D. degree program.

Certificate Programs

P.E.A.R.L. Institute, in collaboration with universities, offers joint certificate training workshops and programs to educators, social service practitioners and administrators, as well as groups of individuals, youth, families and seniors. The institute's professional certificate programs include long- and short-term courses that offer social work curriculum development, cultural competency training, clinical supervision, and in-service training of requested topics. International participants who are accepted into these programs will purchase appropriate health insurance coverage for the duration of their study in the United States.

Internship Programs

P.E.A.R.L. Institute provides internship opportunities for current students as well as graduates who seek practical experience in public service, administration and clinical practice. Culturally competent field practice experience is an essential part of our internship. We welcome candidates from diverse educational backgrounds. The institute provides an experience for interns to explore the challenges and opportunities to work in local communities and in a global context. Interns will have the opportunity to get involved in one or multiple programs related to administration, research, education and/or direct practice.

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P.E.A.R.L. Institute will offer a limited number of scholarships based on academic merit for those students who are accepted into the joint degree programs, which are currently in the planning process. Individuals are welcomed to contact the institute to inquire about the status of our scholarships.