Pacific Education Advocacy Research & Learning Institute of New York

Comparative Research

P.E.A.R.L. Institute trains, conducts, and supports researchers involved in the generation and dissemination of knowledge in comparative studies contributing to the service for Asian-Pacific Islander populations. Evidence-based culturally relevant studies in diverse API groups are needed for practitioners to comprehensively serve these communities and to ensure equitable service outcomes. Research on curriculum development, with a specific focus on East-West cultural integration and training manual development for specific areas of practice, is encouraged. Research projects are fully or partially funded through grants provided by the institute.

Conference/Symposium Development

Dr. Lu, as president of APISWEA, in collaboration with major universities and research institutes internationally, developed international conferences in New York, Toronto, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Cambodia with various topics under the themes of evidence-based evaluation and practice, social work clinical competence, social policy, children and family services, etc.

At this stage, P.E.A.R.L. Institute is promoting its international conference development with emphasis on cross-cultural integration, effective evidence-based service delivery, and the application of digital knowledge in social work education.

Universities and organizations are welcomed to contact the institute for future conference collaboration.

Grants and Fellowships

P.E.A.R.L. Institute will provide fellowships for dissertation phase doctoral candidates, and grants for doctoral-degreed scholars, who are interested in contributing to the field of comparative human service research and its implementation for American Chinese and API populations.


Grants and fellowships currently are not available at the institute but are in the process of development through our fund raising efforts. Please send inquiries to for additional information.